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We are celebrating Samhain on October 29, 2007, with a ritual, altar and feast of ham, dressed eggs, pasta, bread, cake, mead and cider. A picture of our altar is below.

This is the Witches New Year. Celebrations to honor the dead are done at this ritual, along with speaking with those who have passed over; divination is heightened on this night. It is said that on this night the veil between the worlds is weakest. Jack-o-lanterns, gourds, cider and other fares of the season can be used in ritual and family celebration. Black candles are used to ward off negativity, and of course, the colors for this holiday are black and orange. The Goddess is honored in her aspect as The Crone, the Goddess of the Dark Mysteries. The God is honored in his aspect as the Horned God of the Dead, not only of humans but of animals as well.

Herbs: sage, oak leaves, mandrake, and heather.
Incense: apple, mint, nutmeg
Colors: black, orange, white, gold, and silver
Gemstones: onyx and obsidian
Food: apples, pumpkin, nuts, pork, breads, soul cakes, cider and mead.

Pumpkin Candles


6 small baking pumpkins
Paraffin or soy chips
Candle dye
Candle scent in pumpkin, vanilla, ginger spice, or your favorite scent


Cut "lid" off pumpkin and scoop out insides scrapping as much flesh from the pumpkin as possible. Discard or save to make pumpkin pie! Melt the paraffin in a double boiler or the soy chips in the microwave. Add dye and scent to melted wax. Place wick in the pumpkin and slowly pour in the wax. Reserve a small amount of the wax for later. If the wick starts to fall you can prop it up with a skewer or butter knife. Allow wax to harden. If an indentation has formed around the wick use reserved wax to fill it in. Trim the wick to 1/4" and you are ready to burn your Samhain Pumpkin Candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended. The flesh of the pumpkin will burn easily so make sure to monitor it as it burns. Enjoy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Samhain Ritual 2007

Altar: table, table cover, tealights, apple, almonds, marigolds, photos of those we have lost, pumpkin candles, incense, saltwater, glasses of mead, athame.

  • Mark off Circle with 4 pillar candles placed in the four directions of north, east, south and west. Also mark Circle with pumpkin candles.
  • Cleanse area with saltwater or sweep the area clean.

  • Smudge one another with incense.

  • Close off Circle boundaries with athame. (Once this is done we do not leave the Circle until the ritual is over)

New Years Ritual (in unison)

"In sacred space we gather tonight

Asking Spirit to make wrongs right.

Element of fire cleanse our past

We start anew with this spell cast.

With harm to None - SO mote it be."

We then all burn our lists of negative things we want to leave behind for this new year.

Honoring the Dead (in unison):

"Tonight we honor the dead who have passed,

But live on in our hearts and minds.

Let the flame carry our blessings to those,

With whom our souls are entwined."

(We now light our remembrance candles)

"We are one in Spirit, returning to source of All,

Once our time on earth is through, we return home to Spirits call."

(Pick up your glass of mead/water)

"As above,"

(Lift your glass in toast - take a sip)

"So below."

(Pour the rest of your mead/water on the ground)

"Blessed be to those who have passed till we meet again."

(Take pieces of apple and almonds and scatter on ground as offering to the dead)

End the ritual by opening the Circle.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

UPDATE: Thanks to all my fellow Kitchen Witches for such a great night celebrating Samhain! Our little Circle is growing fast, it is great to have so many new friends!

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