Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kitchen Witch Bottle

The witch bottle is a very old spell device. Its purpose is to draw in and trap evil and negative energy directed at its owner. A traditional witch bottle is a small flask, about 3 inches high, created from blue or green glass. Larger and rounder witch bottles, up to 9 inches high, were known as Greybeards, Bellarmines, or Bartmanns. Bellarmines were named after a particularly fearsome Catholic Inquisitor, Robert Bellarmine, who persecuted Protestants and, in consequence, was labeled as a demon by his victims. Greybeards and Bellarmines were not made of glass, but of brown or gray stoneware that was glazed with salt and embossed with severe bearded faces designed to scare off evil. Taken from Wikipedia.

Kitchen Witch's Bottle to aid against food contamination and to help you in all your kitchen magic!

  • Three needles
  • Three pins
  • Three nails
  • Small jar (mason, baby food, mustard, or anything you can find that fits the above)
  • Salt
  • Red Wax
Fill your jar with salt, needles, pins, and nails. Securely close the lid and shake vigorously nine times. Seal the jar lit with red wax. Store it in your kitchen cupboard to do its Magic!

Taken from SnowCat's Cave. A great little site with lots of information. Check it out